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Multiple Headphones Help

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Hi there. I'm looking for a way to hook up multiple headphones so more than one person can hear the mix while we are recording.

This is my current setup:

- E-mu 0404 USB 2.0 Interface
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- Behringer Xenyx 1222FX Mixer
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- Behringer AMP800 Headphone Amp
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How can I work all these together? I'm basically only using the Xenyx for my microphone that I can use as a talkback mic.

I am using Behringer Truth monitors through the E-MU and I tried using the Main 1/8 out of the E-MU to my headphone amp but then I realized that it wouldn't work because my monitors are in a closer range to where I record so the mic would pick up the monitors since they Main output is the same with the 1/8 and the 1/4 outs.

How can I hook up a headphone amp to work properly?

Thanks alot![/url]


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21 years

Member Mon, 04/14/2008 - 17:06
Ok, so you have only one mic, and it is going into the mixer. What do you have the outputs of the mixer going to?
And what is going into the inputs of the EMU?

Are you set up so you can listen to one set of headphones plugged into the headphone jack on the EMU ok? If so, then all you need to do is get a y-cable (1/4 stereo to two 1/4 L/R) to go from the EMU headphone jack into the inputs on the headphone amp.

I'm guessing that you have some other issue, because that seems to simple...