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multiple midi controllers

Im pretty new to the world of midi. i was just curious about the best way to hook up 2 midi controllers which will control two separate soft synths. I will be using this at live shows. I have a firebox which has one input and one output. would i need to get a midi usb interface?


pr0gr4m Wed, 05/03/2006 - 16:45
Well, what you could do is get a MIDI merge box. Plug the MIDI outs from your two controllers into it, and plug it's MIDI out into the MIDI in on your Firebox.

The weird thing is that the MIDI connector on the Firebox is not a standard MIDI jack. So you probably need some sort of special cable for that. Maybe one came with the Firebox.

After setting that up, just make sure that the two controllers each transmit MIDI data on a specific channel and set the VSTi's to receive on their respective MIDI channels and you'll be ready to go.

Of course, you could get a dedicated MIDI interface, but if you have one on the Firebox, why not use it.

saemskin Wed, 05/03/2006 - 18:15
a merge box would be good for a temporary solution to his immediate concern, but what about a couple months from now if/when he gets another midi device? Maybe a synth module that he wants to control along with his host sequencer and soft synths....
A midi patchbay is a more flexible and long term solution.

I have an 8x8, picked it up on a whim because someone was selling it for a hunnert. Best thing I ever did. Information is transmitted via usb. sweet.

Edirol makes a 3x3 for 70.00 new.