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Multiple Vocals

I would like to know, how many times vocals should be duped for a chorus or a verse. In commercial music I hear powerful vocals in the chorusus, and I wonder how many times the vocals were duped to make it sound that way. I ususally do my vocals in a chorus about nine times, don't know it that's too much, or not enough, or just have to listen. I was just wondering is there is a standard about ot times to dupe vocals. :? javascript:emoticon(':?')


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 03/12/2006 - 22:23
not sure if there is a standard. there are many styles, and, genres where backup vocals are different. I think you should go with what sounds good. And, i think its the treatment, and processing your after.

I usally cut and mold background vocals, with decent Eqs, and carve them into the mix. mostly, cutting eq out to make them fit. Reverbs help as well.