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Multitrack latency

Hello again,

I've got a Tascam US-122 and an older (Pentium 3 550mhz) computer with CoolEdit Pro 2.0. I previously calculated the latency by recording a click, and then recording that click again by connecting the headphone out to the input. I took the number of ms that they differed by and put it into CoolEdit's Multitrack Latency box, and it seemed to do OK for recording one track at a time.

However, I was recording drums today through 2 live input mics, and latency problems cropped up again. I have a feeling I did something wrong during my previous setup. Is it possible that latency changes when 2 channels are running instead of one? Or is drifting for some reason? Also, I see this latency slider in the Tascam control panel...could that fix it? I tried messing around with it, but I cannot record drums right now (it's late), and everything sounds fine now.

Thanks in advance


NTDunn Fri, 08/19/2005 - 00:18

It may be the slow processor speed on your computer. I recorded an entire band on my computer with 1.8 gig processor and 512 ram, on Sonar 1.0, and had absolutely no latency probs at all. Just a thought...