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Multitrack recorder/mixer for live use

Hi Im a total newbie looking to buy a cheap multitrack recorder and mixer mostly for live use (letting me play back extra parts along with the live music). I was looking for something with at least one/two aux outputs in addition to regular outputs, to allow me to have a headphone monitor mix as well as a regular mix. I was looking at the Boss BR600 but i dont know if it has what i need. any help would be appreciated, not looking for the highest quality, just something that will do the job... :(


Member Tue, 12/19/2006 - 12:58
You have some choices out there, and there has been some recent price drops on multitrack units.
My advice would be, write down what you think you will need, like how many instruments/vocals you want to record at once, output capabilities, etc.
Then research the units, you can find manuals online and get on their forums that are particular to the brand and ask questions.
Try to think thru what you'll be doing and what you need, thinks like how many input channels supply phamtom power, if that is an issue. Some units say 16 track, but 4 of those are stereo, read up on that stuff before jumping in.
Keep an eye on the units on the online stores, watch for prices changes, new units coming out and specials, like free stuff with purchase, I got a free mic once with at unit, not a good mic, which I sold and basically saved myself $50 bucks.
My take is that most of the units in the same price range will give you about the same recording quality, but they vary in features. One will have a programmable drum machine, another has a USB port, stuff like that, read up.....
Sorry I don't have a "go buy this unit...." kind of advice ,but it really depends on what you'll need and want to do and you know that best.