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My Kingdom for a pair of monitors!

Hey :)

Well maybe not my kingdom... but I just wonder if anybody would recommend me a set of monitors for around £200 - £300 ($350-$526).

I'm finding myself mixing on a pair of pathetic Creative cheapo £25 bottom of the range speakers. or a set of £7 Sennheiser earphones... which is just disgusting i know.

I need to hear what's going on in my mixes.. A True sound... so nothing "Ultra Cool Zainy Bass" or "Big Mad Monster Mothers bASS"
I just want a nice "flat?" response to tell me exactly what's wrong with my mix and something that will allow me to mic something down and know the levels will be almost the same on most speakers. (as opposed to what happens at the moment where i mix something down to sound nice on my speakers ... go somewhere else and the bass is to high/low.. not enough high end.. mid... whatever)

Any recommendations please let me know :)

Must be powered.. or specify the amp if they're not.
Must be shielded...
Must be a pair as i'm doing stereo mixes.

Thanks Alot.