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Hello everyone. I haven't been around here much lately as I've been very busy with lots of stuff going on, but our new studio page is up and I'm proud of that! Anyway thought I'd check in and shoot an update, hope everyone here is well.

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RemyRAD Sat, 02/09/2013 - 13:15

Jake that was simply an awesome cut and video. Great sound. Great mix. Great video. It's all great. I just don't know how you could make such a nice recording like that without any microphones at all?? LMAO your guys did real good there. First-rate. A little pastel looking but cool nonetheless.

So did you shoot that video at a skateboard studio? I mean they call it rock and roll but really now? Or was that just a cyclorama stage pieces? It was psycho something? Loved it. Surprising though that you listed no equipment? Obviously you have the equipment because it sounds like ya do? And good stuff at that. If it ain't the good stuff? You sure as hell know how to use it to its fullest capabilities and extent. That was totally Pro bar none. I can't waive my head around like your guy can anymore because of the brain condition and surgery I've had. If I do that, everything will go to my head like my blood. And I'd be seeing red if I could see anything at all. The whites of my eyes would turn red. And then my canine teeth quickly grow. And then you have to do in the studio what I tell you to do otherwise I bite. So I really don't rock like that when I roll anymore LOL. I just pretend I'm doing it LOL and it still gets me dizzy. Perhaps the ancillary smoke had some influence?

Stop the world I want to get off. Oh good! The batteries are still working.
Mx. Remy Ann David

JakeAC5253 Sat, 02/09/2013 - 14:17

Ahaha Remy! We didn't mix the audio for that video on the site there, nor did we shoot the video. That was just a reamping project for us, guitar tones only.

I forgot to mention that I used to post here a few years ago under the name of Guitarfreak. Since making a centralized studio page I thought I would update all of my forum accounts so that they were all identical for easier contacting. Glad you liked the clip! Hope it didn't make you dizzy.

RemyRAD Sat, 02/09/2013 - 16:26

OMG yeah welcome back! No wonder it was so good. OK so you didn't mix the audio and you didn't shoot the video. Then who was that? And I thought the guitars sounded killer. Totally fabulous sounding. I was quite intrigued by the guitar sound. And I guess because of the brain damage, I wasn't exactly clear that you were just demonstrating your awesome re-amp thing? It's great sounding! I liked it better than most everything else I've heard like that of a similar genre. Yours was distinctive. It definitely had an imprint of its own. Guys are going to want that for sure. I would if I did that kind of music.

Well I am a little dizzy and probably because I'm smoking alone? Nobody by the name of Bogart here. No limiter.

Your new site is definitely cool but I did feel frustrated by it. Obviously I was confused. And I don't think I'll be the only one? You need to put a little extra postproduction work into this new site. I should talk? I haven't updated mine in three years. You'd think I work for myself harder since I have an advertising and marketing background? But ya have to have a plan and ya have to regroup and I have to reinvent myself again at 57+. And I'm getting pooped out. Beach bum in an RV that self-contained, totally comfortable and screwing around with whatever audio and video toys are I keep, skin diving off the keys. The Gulf Coast. And all up and down the Gold Coast so I'm working myself up to get up and go. Life is short. I was supposed to be dead years ago. And rock 'n roll ain't the way I like it anymore. The only thing missing in my roster is the contemporary country music. Of which I am still highly drawn to. Not happening here in the mid-Atlantic Void. Sick of this crap. Sick of computer manipulated blah blah. I've only worked with the best and that's all I want to work with. And it ain't here. The rock 'n roll was in the 90s and I really enjoyed that. Along with the Jazz, Gospel and Opera not to mention the 20 year NBC radio and TV network thing. And the broadcast and recording thing as a kid. I still can't get enough of it or maybe I have? And this RV is real comfortable. I've got heating and air-conditioning in the bedroom. I've got heating and air-conditioning in the coach. I've got a 6 1/2 kW generator running off the 80 gallon gas tank. I haven't subscribed to use the satellite dish on the roof. DTV is way better than analog ever was and I've got 4G broadband and high-powered wi-fi. A couple of different big flat LCD's and a couple of control room monitor systems. I've replaced the LP range/oven with an induction cooktop along with the large microwave and new full-sized refrigerator/freezer. So why should I even bother pursuing the country music scene? Probably because I got the same kind of control room on a set of tires you find in the finest legendary studios in Nashville? Yeah, I think that's why I built the truck 22 years ago? And I don't make decisions easily or quickly... except when it comes to audio or audio devices. That I only need 10 seconds for. Because people know it sounds like crap I have a tendency to blurt things out. One of my personality flaws and social downfalls. As everybody knows here LOL. Just glad to see you back. I really had to look at your avatar closely? I like is this a person with a mask on or something? LOL. Yes I know its a pair of speakers. But I certainly did a double take. Which is completely appropriate in our line of work right?

Of course you're not going to give away your secrets. You don't want to put yourself out of business before you're in. It's very cool and very slick sounding. It didn't grind on me quite the same way as all the others do. You've discovered something magical that goes well beyond that of most. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered to watch and listen to the whole thing through more than once. And I enjoyed it more than once. And I didn't even know it was you! So that's no fair LOL. I already knew how good you already were. And here you made me think you're some kind of talented beginner? And you're not. You're just talented. And I like what I heard. I haven't liked much of anything that's been happening to me in my life lately and that grabbed me and pulled me back again. Thanks... I. needed that. I really did. And those guys are cool. They put the right sense of humor into their work. I hate these guys that are all so serious all of the time to try and appear macho. These guys were macho! And my panties are wet. I enjoyed the video so much and the sound that I think I ruptured a hemorrhoid? So ya haven't heard the bloody last of me. It's all your fault. And they were white.

I'll wear black ones if I have you do some some stuff for me.
Mx. Remy Ann David

JakeAC5253 Sat, 02/09/2013 - 16:59

Thanks for the welcome! Very nice of you to promote my work, much appreciated.

Ahh yes, those are guitar speaker cabinets, love them both, love them better blended! Actually I am having trouble seeing my avatar, I thought it didn't upload properly because I see nothing on my end. Maybe it's some setting I haven't checked, I'll run through it again. Also my signature isn't showing up? Probably the same setting. I'll figure it out.

JakeAC5253 Sat, 02/09/2013 - 19:30

audiokid, post: 400400 wrote: No problem on both counts! Its a pleasure helping people when we can.
I went into your profile and activated those options for you! You are 100% .

Thank you thank you!

Want to know a secret? The material that made it to that video on my front page? That was actually my first ever professional reamping gig almost two years ago... I've gotten much better since then ;)

JakeAC5253 Sun, 02/10/2013 - 06:30

Not really from Jersey, just living here for the time being, I'm really from the frozen hills of CT. The blizzard here was nothing, we ended up with 2-3 inches overall, my friends and family back in CT got between 30-38" though! My one buddy has a ~150' driveway and yesterday he was clearing it in 15' intervals.

JakeAC5253 Sun, 02/10/2013 - 09:51

CoyoteTrax, post: 400426 wrote: Excellent work with the reamping for Broken Hand, MONSTER tone Jake. Congrat's!

Also, thanks for turning me on to the band; they're sound and material is totally out of bounds. I'd never heard them before.

Thanks! Mixing/Mastering credit for that EP goes to a good friend of mine Fredrik Lunneborg at Prime Cut Audio in Sweden. We've worked with him a few times, and always a positive experience. Yeah the band is very cool, they know what they want to sound like and they're good musicians so they can pull it off.