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My tube Mic crapped on me today. Please help...

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Tracking vocals today. Rode K2Tube condenser mic. In the middle of a lyric, the mic pretty much stopped working. Still had a signal but was about one tenth of the volume it should have been at. The singer for some reason pulled the pop-stopper off of the mic right before it crapped out. Checked the tube and it appeared to be fine. Would spit hitting the diaphram cause a short or something? Maybe the cable was jarred...would this cause the problem. It uses a 7 prong female thingy so I didn't have another cable to try. Any suggestions? Any help would be much apprieciated!!! Thanx! -matty


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21 years

Member Sun, 12/02/2007 - 09:13
I agree sounds like a tube went..
Those cheap chinese tube they put in there are not prone to long life...If Im right those are 6072 tubes

I got some nice Military Phillips 6072's off of ebay
that had much better detail and warmer sounding..

So look for some NOS or used non -Chinese 6072's
they will last longer and sound better..