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Mytek ADC

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I wondering if there are any mytek users on this site.

I currently have a digi 002 w/ onyx 800r clocking it via adat. A rack of sca pres (4 a12s, 2 N72s, 2 J99s) And I also have an Echo audio fire 8 and mbox2.

Between the 3 the ad seems pretty close.

I heard a clip the other day where I guy did a clip of him singing and playing acoustic DI. One with him using AD on the 002 and the other using the ad on a mytek. There was a big difference IMO especially on the top end clarity like tissue papers were removed from tweeters or a cloud disappeared.

I thought I was done buying gear for a while but that clip really got me thinking about at least getting 2 great channels of AD.

Id really love to get there 8x192 with the light-pipe and adat option so I could use it as a stand alone interface or run into the 002r to use pro tools. which seems like the best way to go that way I wont be tempted to buy the latest LE 00X series.

Any thoughts on myteks in general and any other recommendations or avenues I might consider?


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tstoneman Wed, 11/05/2008 - 01:56
There have only been a few times where I've fallen out of my chair. One was swapping out the Aardvark clock setup to the Mytek 8X192. When we ran a Triton Rack through it and A/B'd going through the Aardvark and then the console converters, the instruments didn't even sound the same. that good. If you're only needing 2 channels, you might consider the Crane Song HEDD as well. We use it for tracking and some mixdowns and it is more flexible and very smooth.