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Name that sound

I'm trying to find a sound effect. I know exactly how it sounds but I don't know what it's name is. So I just wonder whether anyone would recognise what it is if I describe it :)

They use this sound effect alot in documentaries... particularly kind of chilling murder documentaries etc when they reveal something spin chilling..

It sounds alot like a reversed cymbal... crossed with what sounds almost like a distorted guitar.
usually it lasts for a brief 3-4 seconds during which it starts of quietly and finishes loudly in comparison. (could be reversed)
Very much a "metallic" sound if that means anything. Like a blade slicing against a very thick piece of metal...

Ok so that much seem like the wierdest description ever if you don't know yourself. but please let me know if you have any idea's I am dying to know what that sound effect is.

Sorry I looked on the board and had no idea where to put this question.