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Need advice for mobile platform that connects fans to content via their recordings

So, I'm involved in a project called LISNR that is part of a program called the Startup Bus. There are ten buses across the nation that compete against each other for startup funding and the ability to pitch their idea at South by Southwest this week. I'm trying to validate the idea that we have with audio engineers and others involved in the business of music. We have developed a platform for recording artists and labels to add exclusive content to their music which can be identified and accessed via a mobile application called LISNR. The app listens for a beacon, above 20khz, that functions as a QR code of sorts. That beacon would have been previously placed in a song by the artist, engineer or label using the LISNR platform. Anyone fan who has the free LISNR app can press a button and be delivered to the special content that was predetermined by the artist or label for that song. A label could offer discounts on merchandise, unreleased tracks, etc to maximize sales and increase customer loyalty.

So, I was wondering if this sounds like something any of you could leverage. What would it take to get you to use LISNR? What would be a barrier to entry for employing a platform like LISNR? Do you have any other concerns regarding LISNR? I really would appreciate any feedback that could be provided. There is a link in my signature that allows you to sign up for a sneak peak of LISNR within the next few days, if you want to see more.