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Need advice on picking up the right set of SE mics...

I have the chance of getting any of the SE mics at very good prices, so I thoughא of having a combination of a few mics which will be used all over for recording acoustic guitars and electric guitars (my main amp is a Twin), piano, vocals and drums. What would be the right set to get out of these options -

1. I thougt of having the Gemini as a multipurpose superb quality mic along with two SE1aST stereo small diaphragm condenser match pair so I can do stereo acoustic guitar recording and use the SE1aST's as drum overheads, along with the Gemini capturing the whole set (will need SM57 on the Toms and snare of course). With this pair of mics, I will not have any OMNI and Firugre8 options at all, and will always have the Gemini heavy coloration on any recording, which is very good sometimes but too much on other times.
But keep in mind this is one of a hell detailed and impressive "big" sounding mic !

2. Having the Z5600a which is a tube multipattern mic (9 positions, but no -10db pad or low cut) and the SE1aST stereo pair. In that case I can use any of the setups I can make with the Gemini and SE1aST, but the Z5600a sounds much less detailed, and not as good as the Gemini, also I didn't like how it sounds on vocals, as it sounds too sibilant to me. But here I have all of the multipattern capabilities.

3. Having the ICIS tube mic for vocals (which I liked very much), acoustic guitars and other applications and the Z3300a which is a FET multipattern mic (it HAS a -10db pad and low cut and sounds very good as a FET mic). I do not know if I'll need the SE1aST stereo pair in that case (?) as I can simply use a M/S setup for the drum overheads ? or am I worng assuming that ? anyway I won't have a room mic for the drum set up at all. All that unless I take the SE1aST pair, which I CAN take actually cause I get them real cheap - so that would be an ICIS vocal optimized tube mic, a Z3300a multipattern FET and the SE1aST stereo pair.
In that case I loose the amzaing quality of the Gemini.

What do you think would be the right pick for me ?

Thanks for any advice !