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Need advice on quick editing tool for mac

Hey guys, how u doin`? I`ve been working since last month, with Mayor elections around here. I edit and make the sound design for a specific candidate, and it`s all going to TV etc.

Since I record mainly bands, I use PT9, which is wonderful for my music recording needs. However, I see it doesn`t work for fast broadcast editing.

I receive audios of voices, soundtracks, etc... Been working the voices through pain-staking mouse clicking process in volume automation. It sucks really hard when you`ve gotta do some 30 different male, female voices, etc. I`m wasting a lot of time in this process. The DJ next to me has some PC running Samplitude, and he just splits different regions and change their gains separately in same track, inserts EQ easily, in much less time.

Other way of doing it in PT9 is to use audiosuite. But it still has disadvantages, not as easy to use as samp`s gain line.

So, do I have to switch to PC?

I don`t seem to find this `gain on different region` in any other software practical as samp.

Already thought about installing virtual windows on my mac, solely to run samp. Didn`t do it yet because I`m afraid I screw things with bootcamp etc.

Could you recommend any other editing tool for mac? One that allows you to quickly edit stuff? Mainly with the separate gain feature. If not so, I`m thinking bout bringin` in my PC.


dvdhawk Tue, 08/28/2012 - 08:09

I know exactly what you mean. I switched from an older version of PT to PreSonus StudioOne Pro(version one) last year when I got my SL24 mixer. And it is considerably faster to cut the track, grab the handle on the resulting clip(s), and adjust the volume(s) visually - done, moving on... Compared to automating volumes in PT it's a real time saver. It's also way faster than cutting the wave and guessing how much gain to add or subtract in Audiosuite. I'm disappointed to hear even newer versions of PT still haven't adopted this method as an alternate to the automation function.

I've recently gone ahead and upgraded to Version 2 of StudioOne Pro and found it to have a few kinks they need to work out. V2 has displayed some erratic behavior, hung up, and crashed a few times. It autosaves every 10 minutes, so I haven't lost anything significant. It has never failed during tracking, only a few times during editing. At their request, I've been logging my bugs to send to PreSonus and watching for an updated version. Luckily, unlike some software - V2 can coexist on your machine with V1 with no problem, so I still have V1 (which has been rock-solid) to fall back on.

Anyway, I'm sure there are other folks here much more knowledgeable about the dozens of other DAW programs. I just have hands-on experience with these two. [old PT and S1] And I haven't used PT once in a year and half.

The best news for you is, PreSonus has a scaled down, but fully-functional [[url=http://[/URL]="…"]free version[/]="…"]free version[/] (not a 30-day demo) you can download and use for free. I don't know which version they're giving away, but it's worth a shot.

RemyRAD Tue, 08/28/2012 - 18:47

It's Studio One, Free, version 1 and this version does not allow you any other external third-party AU/VST plug-ins. It does offer the ability to download their sample loop libraries. And I would imagine though I did not check, some kind of upgrade discount, to the Producer version or, version 2, version? Either way, a great bang for no dollars. Quite comprehensive, quite versatile. And a good way to get folks to purchase their software and hardware.

For my fast turnaround production needs, I frequently find myself using Sony, Vegas 9. (I can't run any newer versions until I upgrade my computer with a newer one). Very quick, fast, easy. Mostly real-time. And video also. (Video filters require rendering). Redbook CD, disk at once burning. Basic DVD videos. Much faster than real-time audio rendering. A simple and straightforward pleasure to use.

You also might want to consider upgrading to ProTools 10 where supposedly, they have made your fades/segues much faster and easier to accomplish? You might also want to consider a small, programmable, control surface? This can greatly speed up production procedures when one finally becomes truly intimately familiar with how the control surface actually operates LOL. Hey, you might want to impress people and just do it on 1/4 inch analog tape and then slicing away with a razor blade? I also had to do fast turnaround for newsradio back in the day. You had to have plenty of empty tape reels, large hub 5 inch reels, to keep all of your clips on. And then you were flying them into your four track machine, when doing commercial productions, through repeated rehearsals, until you got it right. 1-2-3 and punch the button. So you've got it easy kid.

As you know most versions of ProTools was designed strictly for multi-track musical productions before it became an accepted standard for Audio for Video Post. But audio for video post takes a long time to do. And you're back to square one. They don't have to worry about your kind of quick turnaround. And if they do, there is one guy working the computer and the other guy working the Icon. And even with two guys it's slow in SloTools.

Adobe Audition in the multitrack window is also very quick to use. It then creates a mix down faster than real time and in practically no time at all, you are ready to cut a Track at Once CD. That program has always been popular at radio stations for commercial production and news purposes from the get go. I don't think anybody has to worry about loading up the reel to reel tapes for the Sunday morning programming anymore. What's a reel to reel? LOL.

I really think that Studio One is beyond the scope of your fast turnaround needs? And because you are Macintosh-based, you can easily load Windows XP Pro then likely be able to run Audition or Vegas, on your Macintosh. So you really don't need to get a PC as for all intents and purposes, you already have one called a Macintosh. So you may also want to try Reaper? Audacity? Even old versions of Cool Edit 96 (later to be purchased by Adobe and become Audition) for free?

Unfortunately it really doesn't matter what software you choose, there is still a learning curve to become fluent and proficient with it. But that's what they help drop-down menus are for. They all have built-in search capabilities for what you want to do and find.

Bottom line, you're looking at about $700 for a decent laptop running Windows 7. And you'll have to learn that operating system. You might even be able to utilize your current external audio hardware if there are drivers for it, for Windows? Then the loading of a program that you choose. The amount of time it will take to tweak the computer and tweak the program and tweak your hardware before you will be able to churn out commercials for the upcoming elections. And that's a very scary thought.

Perhaps some other tutorial guides to ProTools may help you to speed up your current process? I also remember reading recently that Adobe Audition may have been ported over to the Macintosh Operating System? And if I were you (I'm not) I'd look into that one. It's a great program and quite worth the cost. I think you'll love it? I do. And I run older versions. For your kind of production, it's much more capable than SloTools and you don't need to waste the money for a new computer.

Put that in your timeline and smoke it.
Mx. Remy Ann David

Bertrand Batz Sat, 09/01/2012 - 14:10

Hey guys, thanks for the input. As always, I feel lucky to find this one forum with some ol` lads who were in the scene even before I was born.

Because of slow-tools rendering capabilities + my poor attention, some bad editing had to go to broadcast...A stupid law states election propaganda should be delivered at tv stations like 8 hours before it`s when the video guys were rec`ing HDCam(10 minutes to throw it in a car and delivering it), I`ve seen my mistakes, but it was too late. No more time to change stuff...It almost cost me my job. Like, if we could render it really fast, there would be time for changes to be made.


I found PreSonus Studio One was perffect for my needs. Since I have to sync audio+video too...It was nice to see the desirable feature of samplitude + importing .mov into it. Also, shortcuts are so easy any 8 year old could do the 2 3 4 5, w, e...

Some commands in Pro Tools take some of your hair out to be done.

As RAD stated, it was made for multitrack project recording, not ruthless heartless editing.

Thanks guys!