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So I'm working on the birth of a record label that will be releasing old field recordings of local heritage type music. A decade or two ago my boss gave some of those recordings to County Records and they used some of them in a compilation. My boss has the original masters and nothing was signed when he handed over copies of the recordings. But just to be safe my boss has asked me to write some sort of "release of claim" contract (if that's what it's called) to send to County Records just so there is no way that they will try and get money if we use those songs. I just want any information as to how I should approach this. I have not written a single legal document in my life. Thanks!


JohnTodd Sat, 05/14/2011 - 07:04

Start by thinking about EXACTLY what you want to say. You need to spell out the terms EXACTLY in the document. You must specify that they release, and also specify that they can never make a new claim on the recordings. Otherwise, if your work is a big hit and you make lots of money, they may try to come back and get the money under a new claim.

Just make it say EXACTLY what you want it to. That's one reason why legal docs are so long-winded. Don't leave out a gosh-darn thing or it'll be your undoing!

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