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Need Expertise - Desk/Interface for best results

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Hello - I need some expertise

I want to record our band soon - live takes - Big sound

So far the results from my guitar demos have been very poor - Everything is as I want it except the interface to the computer and the results being played back.

I have an Emu 0404USB great for small live acoustic gigs and practise -

But recording with it gives me very poor results - I've heard a big problem with the unit is a mixture of poor quality drivers and a company too big to care

Basically I don't want to be messing with Soundcards and drivers anymore

I need an excellent direct sound with as little tweaking needed to get a good quality recorded sound

I want to know what kind of spending is involved to get things up to studio quality?

Our music type - Bass and rhythm Heavy Alt. Rock - female singer

A good example of the sound i want would be - Dani California - by the chili peppers - Really Huge sound - every part hits home - sounds very natural

So not the glossy late 90's early 00's pro tools sound ( although i would use pro tools - I just wouldn't go over the top)

we want the best sounding demos we can get without havng to resort to booking studio time - Ive done some session work here in Ireland and some in the UK- I just hated the atmosphere of the places and liked the engineers even less - really turned me off the places

I want something very simple

This is an essential time for us - the last chance to go head first - all the songs are near 100% music wise - ( 2 albums worth! )

I need real results - not hype - something to convice people

--I'm willing to spend up to €2000 on a desk/interface - I need 16 mono - hopefully with individual phantom power

Main one i like the look of is the
Mackie Onyx 1620 16-Channel Analog Recording w/Firewire

others ive seen are

Inter-M Americas IMX-416 - 16-Channel 4-Bus Live

Allen + Heath - GL2400-16 16-Input, 4-Bus Live

Soundcraft / Spirit GB2 - 16 Mono Channel Live Sound

would one of these be enough ???? - this is where I'm clueless

or should i get the best soundcard available? - Give me ideas

Am I missing something big?

Also I seen a USB interface - basic with no drivers - around 600 dollars - would this be best with a great desk?

What programs should i get (see gear list on bottom)

As i said even the direct sound being played back thru my moniters is V.good - but its lost as soon as it travels down the usb cable

So simple and portible is what i'm after - I'd even buy a Mac with Pro Logic if it got me closer


Current Gear:
P4 2400mhz - 2gb Ram - 500gb ext HD - Windows XP service pack3
Also a laptop with Vista and firewire

2x - KRK - V8 :D
Emu-0404USB :(

Programs -
Cubase V1
Sony Soundforge 7

mics - mix of Rode and Audix