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Need help with budget home voice-over recording

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I am trying to set up a home voice-over recording studio and am looking for opinions and advice on the equipment. My budget for hardware is about $1000.00, the rest will be used for sound treatment etc. what are your thoughts on the following?
Mic AT4040
Monitors – M-Audio B5xa or KRK Rokit RP5 or ?
Interface – Mbox Mini or Edirol UA-25 or ?
Cables – Mogami

Any and all help is greatly appreciated


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hueseph Mon, 05/05/2008 - 15:31
Ok. I'll chime in here since no one else has yet. I think your gear choices are fine. I would personally go with the KRKs and the Mbox mini but that's just me. I'm sure someone will chime in against Digidesign soon but personally, it's pretty good bang for the buck. Just make sure you check your system compatibility before you commit.

The mic is fine but it really depends on your voice. You might consider also the Shure SM7B or Electrovoice RE20 or even a standard SM58. If you've used the 4040 before and are familiar with it, stick to what works.