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need help choosing a computer!

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hell all! just thought i might get some input from all you experienced engineers.

I am thinking of getting a new computer for recording. currently i have a 1.1 GHZ 1 GB ram mac book. now i am thinkin of upgrading to either macbook pro 2.4GHZ dual core 2GB ram or an imac 2.4 dual core with 2BG ram. Now i pla to use it for mulitrack recording, 14 trax at a time at least, as well as using plug ins for mixing projects. now my question is, is it worth upgrading to something like that or should i just save up al ittle more and get a quad core mac pro tower? i know in the long run that is what i will purchase eventually. but if one of these options will do the job well then it suite me now.

thanks a bunch


P.S. any cubase users know if you create new playlists like you can on pro tools cuz i can't seem to find it...or is that just a por tools sure makes life easier.


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FlyBass Tue, 06/03/2008 - 07:52
The new 24" 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac has been getting great reviews.

I bought a 15" 2.5 GHz MacBook Pro recently because I needed the portability, but if I was just using it for recording @ home, I would of gone with the iMac at about $300 less.

BTW If you buy with the iMac, get the extra ram (for a total of 4 GB).