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Need help with Monitors?

So I'm building my recording studio piece by piece, and i realized thati really want some monitors so that i can tune in the drum kit a lot better. (right now I'm kinda guess and check). but i dont really want to go buy a pair unless i have 2. But i do have this nice stero in the same room with 4 tower speakers, CD player, tape player, it has a power amp, radio. Everything. is there any way i can come out liek a main or Aux output on the mixer into the stero system and have it playback threw that?


Pro Audio Guest Sun, 04/09/2006 - 15:20
im guessing the stereo's reciever probably uses rca jacks to hook up the different components to it.if your mixer or computer sound card has rca outputs, than yes, you can hook it up to the stereo. try to use the soundcard if you can (and if your using a computer) or the output from whatever you use to record. that way you can listen to the playback on the stereo.