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need help with my setup

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okay i got a mxl 3000 which im upgrade pretty soon to a at3035 or a MXL V69 Mogami still thinkin over sum other mics...but i also got a mbox 2 and a pair of KRK RP8 Rokit Powered 2-Way Active Monitors...i wanted to know what else well i need to have something pretty close to that pro sound..any suggestions would help..

my budget is like $300-$700


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bent Tue, 11/27/2007 - 08:38
what else well i need to have something pretty close to that pro sound

Nino, you're asking for a huge shopping list there, but your budget is almost nil.

You've thrown your cash into a Marshall mic (I know, you got it for a killa deal), and already you're voicing your desire to trade it for an AT...

I'll give you a little advice, and I may sound like a smart ass (I apologize in advance):

The only way you are going to get that "Pro Sound" is through lots of experience and dedication to the craft.

Your best bet, with the gear you currently have, is to just buck up, start throwing some stuff down and learn by doing.

Do that, post some stuff for us to hear, and maybe we can help you achieve your goals.

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Member Tue, 11/27/2007 - 11:04
Bent is right, as always!

I do have a mxl 992 mic myself, that i got a good deal on!
But when I tried to record with it in the room with bare drywall it picked up so much reverb! So i treated the room to complete deadness, and started getting something i could work with. So with no money at all, i would go to Deseret Industries pick up some old used blankets and haged them around the walls in the closet... I know it is waaay ghetto but it will help. Don't get into trading your equipment for a better one before you learn how to use it. When you have to many possibilities and no experience it is worse than having just a beginners pack.

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RemyRAD Tue, 11/27/2007 - 22:47
I record a lot of live stuff, studio stuff and live broadcast. If you want that pro sound, look at what most live touring bands use for live shows and live recordings and live broadcasts. That's right, loads of Shure SM57/58's. Then perhaps a couple of SM 81's for drum overheads, will be about the only condenser microphones you find. Everything else is 57 & 58's. So stop screwing around with cheap, crappy sounding, low-cost, Chinese made, condenser microphones. That is, unless you'd like that kind of cheap crappy low-cost like sound? Or, is that what you're complaining about? I can't blame you. A bargain isn't always a bargain. Condenser microphones are highly overrated. Just because the Chinese are willing to make cheap capsules doesn't mean you should buy them. Modifications? Sure, throw them in the trash. That's a great modification for a Chinese condenser microphones.

Great vocal sounds start with SM58's. Great electric guitar sounds start with SM57's. Great drum sounds start with SM57's. Great gospel choral sounds start with SM57's. Great electronic keyboards with amplifiers sounds start with SM57's. Don't even bother with the Beta series of dynamic microphones from Shure. I don't like them much. They don't sound like the SM57/58's. I like that sound. Other people like that sound also otherwise, Shure would have been out of business a long, long, time ago.

Mediocre microphone preamps like in Mackie & Beringer & Allen-Heath mixers can sound great with SM57's.

Is there anything else you didn't want to know?
Ms. Remy Ann David

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RemyRAD Wed, 11/28/2007 - 00:01
Yeah but better isn't necessarily better. It's different in a way that you may have perceived as better?

For instance, I'd prefer a quality transformer input preamp with a mediocre dynamic microphone, i.e. API or Neve with an SM58 . Than I would use a mediocre preamp with a fine microphone, i.e. Beringer with an U87. I think that defeats the purpose of a fine microphone. The quality preamp always seem to prove that mediocre dynamic microphones can be quality transducers. It's not quite the same the other way around.

My personal perceptions from years of experience
Ms. Remy Ann David

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