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Need help with AVP, please!

I just got an Antares Vocal Producer, and the sound is barely audible and really staticky. It's like there's a serious hi gain on it, and the volume is way down, and static is all around.'s FAQ said that the microphone needed to be preamped, not directly plugged in. I don't really have a real microphone amp; just a Korg Triton Pro X and a Korg D1600. Neither one appears to be amping the mic properly, even though they're both perfectly fine.

The Auto-tune part seems to be working just fine, from what I can hear through the static.

The poor guy at Guitar Center had to call about twelve different places to find an AVP, and this was the only one available. It had been refurbished (sent back to the factory and fixed), so I'm wondering if there's something wrong with the actual AVP, or if I'm doing something wrong.



ccool Sun, 03/20/2005 - 21:25

I'm not familiar with the unit you got, but I do have an Antares AMM-1 Microphone Modeler. The manual says it requires "line level" drive for adequate performance. Your unit may require the same.

So, you may need either a pre or a mixer to get you 12 db output gain (a spec I picked up off of a cheap VTB1 pre by Studio Products that I used to drive the AMM-1 a couple of days ago.

I'd recommend a good pre (better than the VTB1, as it was a bit hissy for my purposes). Ultimately, I'm driving the AMM-1 with outputs from a Digi 002-Rack without problems.

anonymous Mon, 03/21/2005 - 13:39

I know I've got the Triton doing the preamping properly, with line level drive and everything, because routing the mic through it works fine for all my other equipment, except the AVP. Judging from this, somethin' has to be wrong with the AVP.

My hookup is mic > Triton > AVP > D1600 > headphones. I unplugged the Triton from the AVP, so there was no input, and still the AVP itself was producing large amounts of crackly static. That isolated the problem to the AVP itself, because I know for a fact that my D1600 and headphones are perfectly fine. My AVP is a lemon. -_- Well, I'll just call Guitar Center and get meself a new one, unless someone out there on the forum has another solution. Thanks for your help, though! :wink:

moonbaby Wed, 03/23/2005 - 10:46

You may well have a problem with the AVP you got, but
what you described may well be RFI from all the digital
stuff you have packed around it. I would start by getting it
away from the Triton( at least 6-10feet). How are you connecting it to the 1600? Does the 1600 have an insert loop on a mic channel?
If so, try plugging the mic into the 1600 and then routing the AVP thru that channel's insert loop. If you do that, turn the now-unused
Triton OFF and see if that plays any part in the issue.PEACE..



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