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Need a "nice" all around vocal mic

I need a nice all around vocal mic, but with it mainly being used for several different female vocals. And as my topic of this thread suggests, I want some "nicer" then what I have which is a AT3035 and Beta 57a. Budget is $500. Lots of peeps on other forums have suggested the 4033 for females, and I am fine with that choice, but that still leaves me with an un spent budget of around $300 (would buy the 4033 used on ebay). So what would you do with $300 if you were also getting the AT4033? Another mic like a M179? V69ME? Or if you hate the 4033, what would you do with the $500?

Mics I have AT3035, Beta 57a, MXL 604 (gonna get another one of these soon), 3 other less the $20 dyanimcs.

Pres are 2 studio projects VTB-1s, with most likely a M-Audio Tampa on the way...

Music Genre, Christian Pop.


RemyRAD Sun, 03/26/2006 - 21:55
Your microphone budget sucks to begin with. If you want the ultimate female microphone, try a ribbon, any ribbon. The Royer and the Beyer along with the AEA are some of the nicest modern ribbon microphones out there but all of those start at $500 and up. There are a few lower-cost ribbon microphones now available from companies like the Russian Oktava's and I think a Nady, maybe Sampson, which are built in China but are new ribbon microphones.

"Velocity" microphones are some of the oldest microphone technology but there is still no other kind of microphone with a transducer of lower mass and the transient capabilities of a "ribbon" or "velocity" microphone.

I find many women end up sounding much too strident on many fine condenser microphones and even worse on the cheap ones. They're fine, if you're going for that breathy, sexy, little girl sound, if that's what you're looking for? If you decide against a ribbon, I would rather have a Shure SM7 or RE 20 by Electro-Voice. Lovely smooth, both of them.

Why do people always believe that condenser microphones are necessary when they want something good?
Ms. Remy Ann David

moonbaby Mon, 03/27/2006 - 05:00
I have had great results with the AT4047, on both male and female vocalists. I track demos for a lovely Diana Krall waanabe. Sultry and smooth, the 4047 betters anything else we've tried (RE20, 441, Beta 87,M160, and an Aphex version of the Samson ribbon), with the exception of a Lawson L47 (which, ahem, is unfortunately not yet in MY locker!).
The 4047 has done well in just about every situation that a LDC can be used in. Love it enough to have bought a second a while back and damned glad that I did!

Jim " 51 Loving 47!" Mooney

TeddyG Mon, 03/27/2006 - 10:19
No experience, but doesn't Beyer have one or two less-expensive ribbons??? I forget?

Also, before venturing into the wonderful world of condensers(Unless I HAD the 3 grand for the Brauner Valvet! which is said not to be great for women..?), I too, would be sure to have an EV RE20, in the house! I've never heard it "hurt" a voice of any kind? Far as "lesser"(?) condensers, I've never heard a standard AKG C414 "hurt" anyone's voice, either..? And it can sound a pile "more interesting" than any dynamic, depending on the user...


BTW, MB: The "Big Blue and Gold" Lawson, I've used(Model???) sounds sort've "hollow", to me??? You know what I mean? Like when you put on a new pair of headphones they sometimes sound "hollow/echoey"??? The Valvet, on the other ear, sounds - too gorgeous for words - at least my words, with my lousy voice. Right after the Gay Mariage law passes, I'm going on a crusade to pass a law allowing me to marry the Valvet!(Wish me luck! And send a nice wedding gift!)......

zemlin Mon, 03/27/2006 - 11:25
My most recent CD project was recorded using a humble Oktava ML52 ribbon. I put it through two daisy-chained channels of my Sebatron preamp to get the gain I needed. I am very happy with the character of that recording.

I recorded one track on the CD with an SP C3 - that song had a very different character, so I wanted to brighten it up a lot. By comparison that ribbon produced a very smooth, rich vocal track.

I'll be looking for a better ribbon soon.

moonbaby Mon, 03/27/2006 - 13:42
Yeah, Teddy, I think that you are referring to the Lawson 251. The L47 is green and gold. But the dude said that he was wanting it primarily for
female vocalists, and the L47 was REAL nice on this one. Ditto for the 4047. I love my RE-20s, you know that, but it just didn't deliver the goods that this chickie can dish out, compared to the AT4047. Anyhoooo...
I haven't tried a Brauner, but I'd certainly like to have that opportunity.
His mics always get a great review in MIX (so do Lawson's, for that matter). Maybe one day....I'll send you one for a wedding present!