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Need an opinion...

I am new to recording (very new) and am having some difficulty getting the songs mixed down. My vocals sound "live" as opposed to what I hear on cds that I buy, not to mention I can't seem to get the buzz from my keyboard out of the mix. I tried lowering the level of the vocals to take some of the edge off, but then people who listened to it said the vocals were being over powered by the music. I was told to triple the main vocals, which I did. the lead is centered, one copy is left 65% and one is right 65%... Please, I need an experienced opinion. Take a listen and if you can or would, please let me know what I need to do to make them sound better.

oh... and btw... I know the background vocals on Move On need work, :oops: ... but that aside... what can I do?

oh... hee hee... I suppose I should also say that I used Sonar 4 Producer Edition, M-audio Solaris mic, Omni i/o Delta 66 mixer with preamp