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Check out the new Neil Young Official Release Vinyl Series. Itz amazing. I’m totally getting one. Really good deal.


JoeH Sat, 11/21/2009 - 13:27

Ah, time for another example of the "Vinyl is making a comeback" discussion again.

what's so amazing about it?

Is it the fact that it slowly wears out the moment you begin to play it?

Or, maybe the 5 db drop at 15k from the beginning of the record to the end. (Of course, you don't hear that over the 20 minute side as it plays, but pick up the tone arm and move it from the first track to the last and you'll hear it right away...)

Could be the fact that all but the best transcription turntables (with huge tone arms) can't accurately play the things without tracking error and skew - which also tears up the groove walls and messes up your L/R imaging.

Could be the 40 Hz rumble or 60HZ AC hum in all but the best of turntables and pre's. (Often mistaken as "warmth" by some.)

Maybe you like ticks, clicks and POPs as soon as planet earth begins leaving bits of dust and dirt from the air on the surface. (No, you'll get them as much as anyone else, no matter HOW WELL you take care of your vinyl. It just IS)

Sorry, I know I'm a spoilsport, but vinyl nostalgia has always been a cruel joke foisted on the gullible public. It's NOT better than the original master tape (or HD or whatever), its just different; it's just a filter for a particular type of sound delivery on a highly flawed medium, mistaken by many as "Classic" and somehow better than the best delivery systems of today. It's a tired, old argument that still shows up every few months in magazines and other media, and there's never any shortage of folks who want to believe in it. (there's no tooth fairy, either, and Iraq never had any WMDs.)

Sure, if you like that sort of thing, knock yourself out. Neil's never recovered from the shock of hearing "BAD DIGITAL" back in the early days, and has spent far too much of his career (IMHO, of course) on trying to get back to the (Vinyl) womb.

The cool thing about Vinyl (from the artist's and record label's perspective) is that one has to keep buying a new copy ever few years, if you want it to sound as good as it was right out of the wrapper. (Or, put it away and never play it.... :twisted: )

jammster Sat, 11/21/2009 - 18:54

Thanks Joe, those are some interesting facts about vinyl, some of which I never knew. I think its been about fifteen years since I ran the old pioneer turntable of mine.

I cannot help but miss the large format art that came with the vinyl records.

It was certainly nice to accompany the music with, certainly beats measly little CD's.

I grew up with art, so I guess that part of the vinyl records is sad to see go bye bye.

Otherwise, it would be cool to see the large format comeback, however with all the talk of "environmentally friendly packaging" its doubtful that this may occur. :(

moonbaby Sun, 11/22/2009 - 03:02

Man, thanks, Joe !

I was starting to feel guilty about my disdain for vynl, for all the reasons that you listed. It was a godsend when CD's became the standard, even with their shortcomings. On the other hand, I do miss the artwork Jammster referred to. I grew up listening to NY, mainly because the other kids in the neighborhood garage bands liked him. Personally, his horrible guitar solos and wavering voice drove me up the wall, but that's just me.
How 'bout that geetar solo in "Cinnamon Girl"? LOL!!!

JoeH Sun, 11/22/2009 - 06:50

Lest anyone thing I "Hate" vinyl; it's really not about that. I grew up with it like many others, and have countless hours of great memories with LPs. It's like a comfortable old pair of shoes or warm apple pie at the holidays, but I can't take it seriously anymore as a storage or playback medium.

I still have many of them, and I still have a great SP-15 Techniques turntable for occasional playback and retoration work.

The artwork was wonderful, although to be honest, I didn't buy them for JUST that. I do miss that, though.

And where else can you find a medium that still plays - regardless of format wars - so many years later? Just cue it up and let it rip, flaws and all. That part's great, don't get me wrong.

I know it's got a "Sound", preferred by many, but it's just not accurate in the technical sense (as we strive for in this biz) and it has always annoyed me that it just doesn't last; the moment you play it, it's ruined; never the same again, and worse with each subsequent play.

I just wouldn't buy anything new on Vinyl when there are far better options out there.

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