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New Bass

Actually its 21 years old, but its new to the family. I'm looking forward to recording it.
Guild Pilot bass, 1985, active with EMG's a P and a J, bridge is the Guild version of a badass, Poplar body.. two volumes and a master tone. No frills, it weighs a hefty 7.5 lbs. and its one of those instruments thats very loud without being plugged in. In all my years, these always seem to be the ones that sound good. Its very punchy and clean sounding.

Anyone have any aneCDotes about these?

More on it as time progresses.

And later, there will be a complete report on the new guitar amp that came into the band a couple of months ago.

This would be the Bogner Metropolitan. So far AWESOME! more later.peace. dadogg.


moonbaby Sat, 03/18/2006 - 06:36
True. So, Dave, what scale length is this puppy? Fretted? And is the tonal character more "Fenderish" or more "Gibsonish"(think Jack Bruce)?
What are you playing it through? You gotta give us the skinny, guy!
Is this the model that has a dual cutaway poplar body that was preceeded by Guild's SG-style guitar/bass line(I forget the model)? I had a bass from that latter line, no EMGs, just humbuckers. I got the bass and the matching guitar together from a country-rock band that owed me $$$ for some studio time in the 80s. The bass DID weigh a lot more than the guitar did.A friend of mine who was playing Ken Smith basses at the time fell in love with it. So I traded it to him Apple II! He still has the bass in his collection. No,I don't have the Apple! Anyway, he uses the Guild bass for his blues' gigs. Sounds great through a Traynor Bassmaster and a Sunn 215 cab.

Davedog Sat, 03/18/2006 - 11:38
The band is gigging tonight, so I'll know a lot more about its voice tomorrow. I have played it at a rehersal for my 'other' band, The Spitboys, and it sounded fantastic and Doc, the bassist in that band gave it a thumbs up. That was through one of those Gallien-Krueger single 12 combo amps. They sound so good though for a bigger venue theres not enough speaker coverage to be really effective. Still, the bass sounded real punchy and clean through this rig.

Its the model shaped a bit like a J-bass. It has the Pbass pickup where it should be as well as the Jbass pickup at the bridge. NO SWITCHES of any kind. Simply a separate volume pot for each p/u and a master tone control. I'm liking this because at a recording, the infinite blending one can do with the two p/u's is going to be very useful. On the Pbass p/u its got that growl that p basses have as well as huge bottom end punch. What it doesnt have is noise. None.Zero. Zilch. We play a lot of places that have so much neon.....this will be a joy not to hear the buzz. Its never bad but I hate any of it in the system.
The J bass p/u gives it that funk and pop the I was missing with the 56 Pbass. Its very distinct. The scale is the same as Fender, it has a 22 fret neck, the neck is very much the width and depth of a 60's era Jazz Bass. The neck has zero dead spots and frets evenly all the way up. Its got Grover tuners and the Guild version of the Badass bridge. Lots of sustain but the bolt-on neck gives, IMHO, much more control of this since it dampens some with any instrument built like this .

Its supposed to be Seafoam in color, but I think it sat in a store window for years and got bleached out. Its kinda grey/yellow.....looks like a color that will react quite well to any gels trained on it.

For the smaller places I play through an SWR Workingmans 160 head in a Roadie Rack through an old old old 2-15 cabinet. Theres an EV and a Gauss in the box and they seem to work well together. I get the snap and punch from the EV and the lowend from the Gauss. I will be getting a new cabinet. A friend, who designs cabs, has built a three-way witha 15, a 10 and a horn in a high quality box with Neodynium components. The box weighs 38 lbs and the drivers weigh 18 all total. It sounds GREAT as well as saving my ancient back from further damage.

It was originally why I buy only light basses, but now theres another factor. They simply sound better. This Guild bass weighs 7.5 lbs and is one of the loudest solid instruments acoustically I've ever heard. This translates to clear and even sound electrically.

So more tomorrow after I get to slay a bunch of folks tonight.. PEACE Ya'll..........dogg