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new guitar speaker

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OK, so this may be the wrong forum, but I'm not a fan of forums in general, so I don't subscribe to many :D ... So, I've done my research, and I can't quite decide between two Eminence 12" speakers: the Screamin Eagle and the Black Powder. They both have a tight, controlled bass with bright mids and extended highs. To my ears, the Black Powder seems to have a bright, nasal fuzz tone that has a lot of 4KHz. The Screamin Eagle seems to have a more mid scooped tone with a more even high register. Anyone have any experience with either? Hmmmm, the sound clip page link doesn't work, so I'll post this page and you can click on sound clips:

Btw, I use a Carvin V3 head, if that makes any difference. Much better than the M's (both of them) 8) . I'm not a uber distortion type of guy: enough to make pinch harmonics sustain a bit through passive, moderate output pickups. Thanks and God bless.