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New here and to recording in general and need help

I have been fooling around with some software on my computer (Reason), and Just bought a new house with my own office. I want to start recording vocals, guitar, and sound over the beats I made that are stored on the computer. I have a couple of things to play with as of right now just from me fooling around. I have a computer dedicated souly to reason that is the only program on the pc. I have an M-audio keyboard to help with the beats an some nice b&w speakers for sound reproduction. What else do I need to get this thing off the ground? I am going to pick up a MIC at guitar center in the A.M. ANY. . . ANY help would be greatly appreciated!



jdier Wed, 05/16/2007 - 18:05
something like a Line6 Toneport UX1 (entry level) or Presonus Firepod (better) or RME Fireface (also better)

These units all have audio converters (to convert your analog signal (read voice or guitar) to digital (sometimes called AD/DA converters for Analogue to digital/digital to analog) and they also have mic preamps (to amplify the mic signal)

Good luck.