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new imac or used mac G5

hey i was wondering what people thought i should get. One of the Newer intel imacs the one thats 20" with like a 2.16 processor or one of the older Mac G5s that isn't intel. Im running Cubase 4 and firepod. any opinions?


gdoubleyou Sat, 04/21/2007 - 09:04

From the benchmarks I've seen, the core duo macs are equal to or faster that the dual G5 Powermacs.

The problem on the new MacIntels is Cubase4, because Stienberg changed to newer VST spec, most MacIntel compatible plugs don't work. Also there are no MacIntel versions of some of the bundled plugs, and there is no dither.

Cubase is the most CPU intensive of all Mac DAWs, I also own Logic Pro, SX2, Live6 and Digital Performer.

From my experience I was able to get 60%-40% more instances of instruments and effects using Logic and DP.

My advice is that if you really want to run Cubase4 stay on PC, it's not ready for the Mac. Check out for the details.


My version of SX runs great on my PC, really SuX on my Macs.




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