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New mics or new pres?

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lately i haven't been happy with how my sound is, and i think it might be because of the firepod that im running everything through. I was wondering what everyone thought would improve the sound more. a new interface such as the mackie 800R or if anyone has any suggestions or a some new mics. I have 4 sm57, Beta 52, AKG Perception 200 and two of those really crappy $60 MXL mics. Im not really happy with the vocals sound as well as the drums. Im guessing this is probably the AKG which im using for the overhead and vocals, or would i be better off with a better interface? I mostly record Jazz and 60s rock so i want that kind of sound to the drums and vocals. Thanks in advance for the advice.


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RemyRAD Thu, 11/22/2007 - 23:30
alexthepirate098, I don't think the Fire pod is your problem. Your microphone selection seems to be totally adequate. We're talking which kind of microphone and on what with proper gain staging here and dynamics processing. When in doubt, record vocals with your SM57 with foam pop filter or the 58. One of my favorite go to vocal microphones. Why? Because I do so much live recording. The SM57 with foam or a 58 is a noticeable sound used on almost every vocalist you see on television and from live recordings. Plenty of platinum hits have utilized SM57/58's in the studio for lead vocal. Yes, many use beautiful condenser microphones in the studio, like U47's & U87's for lead vocal but you don't have one of those. Not any condenser microphone will do. You do have the SM57's. Make sure that your lips stay approximately 3 inches from the front of the SM57. Otherwise it will get blatty sounding. Compress and/or limit it and roll a little bass off. Maybe give it a 2 DB boost at 10-12kHz. Don't slather it with too much crap.

Your condenser microphones, SM57's and Beta 52 will be fine on drums, guitar amplifiers, percussion, piano and other stuff. Only great condenser microphones are good on vocals. I think you have a misimpression on your perception 200? The inexpensive ones can initially sound good but after listening to them for a while, you'll go back to the SM57/58 which causes far less listener fatigue.

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