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New Neve and API-alike pre's, check out these prices...

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I'm posting around looking for someone who has tried these things, or even heard anything of them.
The prices are CERTAINLY fantastic, IF they are as good as what they claI'm to be. See if any of you golden ears can get a demo to check out.


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Pro Audio Guest Thu, 12/06/2001 - 03:16
the JLM audio gear is made in Australia. I live there an dhave sued it on occasion and its prety decent. 'Hosef' or Joe know his way around circuits and tubes and know all theright mod's to make them work well. 'Portishead' toured Australia using 4 of his tube compressors and they are mean to be gear sluts like me, so they must ahve dug his gear. givehim an email he will only be happy to oblige!