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New (old?) ways of controlling keyboards

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I hate the black and whites. No, I am not racist. I hate playing the keyboard sometimes. With all this modern technology at our hands, it surprises me that most synths still are usually controlled buy a keyboard, with maybe and aftertouch wheel. I'd like to change that.
What I would really want to use to control the pitch of my synth is something like the Ondes Martenot. If you aren't familiar with it, it uses a brass ring with a string on it. You place the ring on your playing finger (index for most people-I would use middle) and you move your finger left to right on a standard keyboard scale. The Ondes had traditional black and white keys painted on it for pitch reference. I was thinking I could use a real keyboard instead of a painted one so I'd be able to use the keys or the ring. So what do you think. Is it possible to make myself? Does it already exist? Probably not. I would love to see it in both CV and MIDI. How many of you would buy one?


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Nate Tschetter Thu, 03/15/2001 - 07:49
You might check out Big Briar's MIDI Theramin. Its pretty groovy.

As far as the Ondes Martenot market goes, I think its in a bit of a decline these days. MIDI probably should have been called "KIDI" (Keyboard Instruments Digital Interface) because it doesn't lend itself to non-keyboard or drum instruments very well. Aside from drum pads, the alternate controller market has always been very small.

However, it sounds like a great DIY project. Perhaps check out this site for inspiration:

[[url=http://[/URL]="http://www.musicsyn…"]Grant Richters Page[/]="http://www.musicsyn…"]Grant Richters Page[/]