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New problem with me little labs red eye and other Di boxes!

I have had a new problem develop today in the studio with my Di boxes and my AWESOME Little Labs Di/Re-amper boxes. Everything sounds fine UNTIL I plug the XLR cable into them. the guitar tone goes from ROARING death metal bliss with tons of gain to sad thin unhappy blues tone(no beef with the blues but I am tracking the sound track for hell here!) IF I un-plug my TT patchbayOR the XLR from the patchbayOR the XLR from any of the boxes the tone comes SCREAMING back at me BUT no Di for the super important re-amping I must do. IF anyone knows what might be going on please help me. This little labs has been working great for me for 6 months and I have done about 6 albums on it. NOW something has gone to hell in a hand basket. I did just contact clean ALL of my TT patchbayjacks with a silicone based contact cleaner. did this ruin my life??

Love and Metal Curran


Boswell Wed, 05/19/2010 - 09:06
It sounds like you have manged to cause a mechanical fault in the patchbay, for example, by bending one of the normalling contacts so it is not breaking contact on insertion of the plug.

What happens if you run an XLR cable from the DI box output directly into your audio interface without going through the patchbay?

anonymous Wed, 05/19/2010 - 18:58
it now seems to only happen on the five fish pre amps I have. with the Yamaha board and the Old School Audio pre amps i am not having the same problem. The problem happens on all four of the five fish pre's. If the TT's are bent then i will need to replace all of them for the four pre's. damn what a head ache.

P.S. the spray is made by MG Chemicals, it is an "electronics contact cleaner with silicone"

dvdhawk Wed, 05/19/2010 - 21:49
MG404B? If they're not physically bent, there might be too much silicone in there mucking up the contacts. MG chemicals are high quality products. I used to buy their Superwash all the time. It's a great cleaner/degreaser, which might be exactly what you need here to blast out excessive silicone.