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New to recording, I need a little help

I just bought a Macbook and have been using Garageband to mess around with some home recordings. I have a MIDI controller, a Yamaha mg10/2 mixer, and a M-audio Audiophile Firewire (the last 2 I'm borrowing from a friend who also didn't know how to work them). I can run the mixer straight into the computer using a rca -> 1/8" cable but the sound quality isn't that good and there is some latency issues when using effects. I was trying to figure out how to run the audiophile into the computer and run the mixer through the audiophile, but I'm not sure if thats possible and if it is, I have no idea on how to go about doing that. If anyone can recommend some advice on how to get the best setup with my current equipment that'd be great! Thanks in advance for the help!


Pro Audio Guest Mon, 06/25/2007 - 17:41
You need to connect the audiophile to the mac via a firewire cable that came with the Audiophile. Recommend reading the Audiophile user guide. The Firewire cable should NOT be plugged in while power to both devices is on. Need to download driver and instal them on the mac. I am not sure if any configuration is required for Garageband for routing the audiophile.

Connect the RCAs from mixer output to the input of the Audiophile.