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Newbie building small home studio, What Gear do i need?


I'm a complete begginer in recording, iv just bought my self a mac so I'm going to start out on garageband.
i really just want some advice on what recording equipment to buy for a good quality sound for a small home studio for personal use.

the style of music i will be mostly recording will be in anything in the style of ed sheeran to mumford and sons to foo fighters
and my vocal style is a mid to high range voice, although i will be recording a few of my friends singing aswell who may be slightly different.
The instruments i will be using will be;

An acoustic guitar
An electric guitar
An electric bass guitar
An electric drum kit (maybe or do you think oops will be better when i learn to use them properly)
and maybe a trumpet

if i list the equipment iv looked at i would really appreciate some advice on if you think its right for me and anything I'm missing out like cables/connectors because i really dont have a clue at this point:tongue:.

Alesis io2 sound card; This is what i was recomended by a guy in my local music shop, he said sound cards are needed for the speed of transfering sound from instrument computer, and because it has a stereo input or out put(cant remember now) this is the one that he sold so not sure if he was bigging this one up to me.

Alesis m1 active 520 usb pair of usb monitors £169/ or Alesis m1 active 520 non usb pair of monitors £199 depending on if there is any quality difference between usb and non usb, and also do you think these will be good enough quality to mix with

A Condenser microphone; i was thinking like around £100 but then i saw the MXL V69 which caught which cost around the £200 mark i think. do you think that would give me much more of a better sound or is the quality of sound more dependant on other factors such as sound cards or acoustics of the room, or is there any thing I'm missing, the vocals is my main priority for quality but i cant spend too much more than i have mentioned:), also with this mic will i need a pop sheild and/or a shock mount?

Bass guitar, Havent got an electric bass so wanted to know of any basses with a nice smooth rich bassy sound that will only be used for recording, didnt want to spend any more than £200 on this

My friend is buying an electric drum kit, is the quality going to be good recording straight into my mac? can i plug it into my sound card?

Acoustics of the room.are the things that i am recording through the mic the only things that i have to worry about with the acoustics of the room?, especially with the vocals, i have seen people use standing fur coated tempory walls (dont know what they are called, haha) are these to replace whole room soundproofing? do you need both for a good dead sound or will this just be enough in a small carpeted bedroom?

USB Keyboard
i guess this makes it easier to control the softwares instruments but will a simple cheap one do?

Connect; there any connectors or cables that i have missed out. obviously guitar leads for my guitars i know that one haha.

also if you have got any energy left after reading this could you touch on doubling techniques?

I hope i havent bored you with this stupidly long thread:cool:, so i understand if i get no replys just trying to get as much info as i can before i spend all my hard earned money haha:)

Thanks Marcus