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no audio coming from outputs

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have just started getting into mixing and mastering my music. I've been a musician for a while, but decided this was a skill i wanted.

So i've been getting equipment bit by bit, and the other day i bought myself some Tannoy Reveal 5A's.

The problem is that when i connect them to the outputs of my interface (Alesis IO 26) i don't get any sound what so ever.

The only way i can get sound is to plug each monitor into the headphone outputs, but when i do that, i only get 2 mono speakers rather than stereo sound.

the interface is definitely receiving a sound signal, it just isn't putting it out into the monitors. The cables im using to connect my interface to my monitors are Hosa XLR to Bal. 1/4"

I've read through the manuals for my interface, the monitors and Logic, but i can't find anything to help, and there doesn't seem to be an option the fix this within the alesis software. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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21 years

Member Sat, 07/05/2008 - 09:31
Isn't stereo two mono speakers?

I know Hosa, that stuff blows. But looking at your interace I notice it has no line outs, just channel outs. But it has phone outs. Which means you will only get left and right if you hack some cables up to remove left from one cable and right from another so you don't get the same mono signal to both speakers.
I don't recommend this because headphone outs are driven differently to line outs and aren't meant to be re-amplified.
Basically you need to take a stereo channel out from your computer (I assume you're using the interface to actually interface with something) but this will have latency issues unless you have hardware monitoring on your soundcard.
Or buy a mixer.

Btw are you a member of The Cat Empire or a fan?