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nob help needed with Layla 20

I recently tried a used layla 20 unit with my band. We like the sound quality. However, I am having problems with the software and its interaction with Layla and could use some help. I have experience with Self-contained hard disk recording units, but not PC based recording.

I tried cakewalk guitar tracks (GT) demo - which seemed to work ok, except for one thing.
I could not figure out/get the software to "split" tracks.
meaning- channel 1 on GT I set to layla Left channel 1 input (guitar1)
Channel 2 on GT I set to layla right channel 2 input (vocals)
However, during recording the tracks recorded together. I cannot figure out how to record them "separately".

I'm sure it's something simple I am not getting. I SHOULD be able to record each layla input (one thru eight) as a separate track, right? then play back through the lalya outputs to my mixer and mix via our PA, Yes?

Ideally I'd like this setup to record:

ch 1 - guitar 1
ch 2 - bass
ch 3 & 4 - vocal mix from PA mixer
ch 5 & 6 - drum mix from drum mixer
ch 7 - guitar 2

My assumption is I want the two 2 channel inputs (vocals and drums) each panned full left or right to allow better panning control during playback/mixdown, yes?

Am I understanding this right?

thanks in advance

I don't really want to sell all this and go to a Korg D888 if I don't have to.
PC is a compaq P4 2.5Ghz, 512 ram, 120G hd (7200Rpm) - I am upgrading ram to 1Gig shortly.

Going forward, I'd rather not use GT - I found Reaper and that seems to fit my needs - I want a simple, non-complicated software to record and playback. I'll do mixing-production using more complicated software on my mac. I just need to get the basic WAV tracks recorded easily (and cheaply ;-)