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a noise generator keyed (with a noise gate) to the bass drum

Hello i need some advice on how i go about having the kick drum be the key for a noise generator to open the gate adding the noise generator as a layer to the kick drum,



moonbaby Wed, 09/27/2006 - 09:54
Hmmmm: I think there's a problem with that suggestion...
I think you want to KEY the gate with the KICK, and run the noise generator through the gate! Putting the noise generator in as the "key" will open the gate continuously! BTW, you may want to try a tone oscillator instead of the noise generator. Tune it down to around 40Hz, or wherever you feel it sounds 'right'. A simple analog or digital synth with the ability to produce a pretty straight 'sinewave' can act as the oscillator. If you want to go the route with a noise generator, I would suggest putting an equalizer in the path between the gate's input and the source. That way, you can manipulate which frequencies you are hearing. I had to do that trick with an Allison Research Gatex and a Mini-Moog so many times during the late great disco era :oops: , I could do it in my sleep. I still have nightmares about it!!!