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Noise on vocal tracks

I'm recording some podcasts using Boehringer C1 mic and UB802 mixer with Audacity software.

I'm getting a very quiet vocal sound even with gain up and a lot of noise. Noise reduction gives me a very tinny effect almost immediately.

What can I do to either suppress the noise, or get more vocal sound?

I'm getting this problem on both my PCs so it probably isn't a sound card thing.


saemskin Sun, 03/05/2006 - 15:35
apart from picking apart your mic/pre combo, the room you are in, and making sure your monitors are OFF if they are in the same room as the mic.

The first thing you do is put a gate on the vocal track. The Waves C1 gate is my "go to" gate because I like the meter. Set the attack pretty fast, and the gate to open at -45. I doubt anything in your room is louder than that unless the tv is on :-?

Pro Audio Guest Wed, 04/19/2006 - 03:33
You didn't mention an audio interface. Are you connected to a regular soundcard or the onboard audio of a computer? If so, that may be causing some of the noise you're hearing. The Behringer mixer could also be a factor. They have proven to contribute noise.

It also sounds like you may have some noise sources in the room with you. Maybe with some extra cable and someone to help you, you could setup your microphone in a quiter place like a closet.

Finally, speak up! A big part of getting a good signal-to-noise ratio is a loud enough source, especially with noisier gear.