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Non-Balanced Connectors(RCA) of back of my sub?

I only have access to this sub (link below) for Mixing at this time. Will it suffice for now?

My main concern is the RCA connectors, which are non-balanced.
I have an Emu 1820M with 2 Rokit RP5's
I can get an adapter to make my RCA audio cable into a TS connector to connect to the back of the Emu.
I believe that balanced connections are 6dB's louder, so that is my concern.
Will I be able to run with this setup and still get a good mix?


AudioGaff Tue, 11/21/2006 - 23:24
Connect one of the unused outputs of the 1820M AudioDock to the sub. Make sure in PatchMix in the Outputs window, that the output you use is assigned to same Main or Monitor bus that your RP5's are connected to. The AudioDock will work balanced or unbalanced, and you can add or reduce gain using PatchMix fader and/or change the -10/+4 settings in PatchMix session settings on the I/O tab.

As to if you can can get a good mix with a sub be it 6dB louder or softer than it should be for best S/N ratio, is a completely different subject with many more variables than just interfacing a sub into your setup. Many times adding a sub can do you more harm than the good you think it will provide.