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noob question... mixing kick and bass

I put kick on -5 db, but when i turn up my bass even for a litle my song start cleaping... I know its some kind of frequency "clash" so my question is how to "correct" this? Or how to find exactly where is that freguency "clash"?

I'm sorry cos of my eng, i hope u understaind


David French Fri, 02/23/2007 - 10:15
Since both instruments have a lot of energy in the 40-80 Hz. region, there will be a struggle. A common idea is not to rely on the fundamental frequencies of the bass guitar to make the instrument audible. Try rolling the bass off below 80 Hz or so (where the kick drum's fundamentals live), boosting the bass somwhere between 200-500 Hz, and using a compensatory cut at the same frequency on the kick drum.