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Noobie firebox/XP-80/Cubase MIDI question

Hey All,

Quick Noobie question.

Just hooked up my old Roland XP-80 synth to my new Firebox interface. Using the included Cubase LE software. I can't seem to record midi correctly. It won't record like it sounds. For example, my synth baseline sounds like a piano. I assume it is a midi mapping problem?

DO I set up the XP-80 as a performance and then play it directly to my computer? I guess I seem to be having problems adding the XP-80 as a MIDI device. Any help for a noobie would be appreciated....




dlipson Fri, 08/12/2005 - 11:04

what I really meant to ask.....

As I re-read my post I think it is not clear what I am asking.

Really what I want to know is how do I record "WHAT I HEAR" from my synth onto my computer. I seem to feel that if I somehow could add my xp-80 as a MIDI device in cubase all would be well.

Or, should I be recording through the audio out of my synth?

Please help a poor noobie.