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Novation Zero SL MK 2 with Sonar

Hi All
Has anybody had any experience with the above DAW Control Surface?
I use Sonar x3 Producer, and at present use my A500 Pro Control Surface function, and to be honest, like the feel of proper faders and knobs for pan etc.
I have tried V-Control pro for iPad, nice idea, but not quite the same as real controls.
Has anybody tried the Novation Zero SL Mk 2 with Sonar?
I read an awful right up last week, but wasn't quite sure the user gave it a descent try.
I see that there are some realy useful plugin facilities with the Novation, but would also like to see the Solo,Mute and Record Arm functions, are these available?


Sonar x3 Producer, Sibelius 7.5, Intel Quad Core i7 64 bit, 24 Gb Ram.


anonymous Tue, 12/02/2014 - 04:46
I understand how reviews can be confusing - you read one where the writer claims that it's the greatest thing since sliced bread - and right after that is a review where it's stated that "whatever" is the "absolute worst piece of garbage ever made..."

When reading these, I think it's important to keep two main things in mind:

The first is, if the review has an area that shows the profile of the reviewer - to consider the source. If underneath the person's avatar or screen name it says "DJ", or "Beat Specialist", or something similar, you need to consider their own level of skill, and patience. Do they "hate it" because they expect a plug and play, instant type of gratification? Are they writing a bad review because they didn't have the intellect to figure out how the device works, or how to properly configure it?

We live in an "instant app" world. People everywhere download iPhone and iPad apps for games, utilities, function, etc., and they expect things to be simple, and to work with no input of their own.
Our craft is a bit different, in that we understand that sometimes, hardware/software needs to be configured, and above that, you need to know what you are doing with the software/hardware.

The other thing to consider is how the person writing the review is using the gear. As Marco mentioned, it's possible that the device you are looking at might not be the best choice for your intended use; ( and it also might be fine... I'm just using this for the sake of example) It may be perfect for DJ's, but not necessarily what you require in terms of pro audio function.

I trust very few review sources these days. Two that I do trust, and have leaned on for many years, are SOS (Sound On Sound) and Tape OP Magazines. SOS has reviewers who are bright, intuitive, and get to the things that matter to people in pro audio. You may want to try a google search and enter terms like "DAW Controller, SOS Review" - this will get you closer to reading reviews from sources you can trust- or at least trust far more than Yo-Dog Zippity G-Spot, who hates (or loves) a piece of gear for his own reasons, which have absolutely nothing to do with your situation.

I just did a search for you. It took me directly to SOS an a review for the Notation Zero.



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