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Hey, thanks for taking the time to help me, I own a Fostex Mr-8 HD, a Pod xt and Sony Audio Studio. My friend and I want to buy some mics, for drums and vocals, and maybe for acoustic guitar. Also, (I know, its horrible) we mix with headphones. Do we need monitors, or should we get a quality pair of headphones. Now, for the mics, are there any mics I could use for vocals, drums and acoustics, we're thinking about the sm57, and a inexpensive condenser. Any suggestions, our budget is about 200-300. Thanks.


Pro Audio Guest Sat, 05/20/2006 - 20:46
Do yourself a favor and get some monitors, mixing through headphones is a very bad idea. There's many reasons as to why it's a bad idea to use them.... for starters, they don't represent proper stereo image or an accurate sound specturm for that matter. If your just making music to hand out to family and friends, find your self a cheapO pair of studio monitors at musician's friend or something.

ps- and remember..... whatever your monitors are good at, you mixes will be bad at. :wink: welcome to the nightmare of recording.... :evil: