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NS10 how much?

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Hi all

I'm (almost) able to buy me a pair of 2nd hand ns10's
The only problem is: I have absolutely no money at all. I'm want good reference speakers, so...
My question: what's the current price on 2nd hand NS10's? What should I look out for when checking them out?



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audiowkstation Fri, 02/28/2003 - 16:55
Right now 300 to 800 is the 2nd hand price.

See if you can get the "old ones" with the dome shaped tweeter grills.

They had a thicker woofer cone (usually cigarette stained tan) and the screen for the tweeter was dome shaped instead of "squared off"

The post 93 models are good ones but suffer from a rise at 1.5K (the reason tissue paper was used on them) and the woofer cone was less thick causing it to change shape into a "like the pedals of a flower" at high excursion.

Any NS10 is better than no NS10 at all.

Look for no holes drilled into the cabinet, look for a cost of around 300 to 400 for a pair and try to find the "old ones" if you can.