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NS10M or NS10M Studio

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This is not a post on "what are the differences". I am hoping to gather info about which pair do most prefer. Do many still prefer the original NS10M's? or does everyone agree that the Studio's were a worthwhile improvement and the originals are too ______ (harsh, vertical :), etc.?). Thanks for your opinions!


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Space Sat, 09/13/2008 - 08:09
Polls in general don't seem to do very good, 63-89 % of the time. For me, it works better if you can get out and pole the community. Sometimes, a face to face meeting is just a requirement. But time is the filler of all polls. Maybe a poll should be set up to make an attempt to establish precisely how many will take a poll, how many will not take a poll and how much time would actually be wasted if a poll was set up to get poler's thoughts on if there is any reason to even consider whether Kim Kardashian is augmented or not.

Outside of that, wait for it.