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O2R popping and clicking noise

I have owned my O2R for 2 years and never heard this "popping/clicking" noise. (24 tracks/3 ADAT cards/new cords)
Recently I was mixing down a project and noticed this obnoctous popping sound . It was sublte at first, then when I engage the record button (Fostex D2424) for tracks 1-8, the noise is random and "spikes" through those tracks. When I get 9-17 ready to record, I get the same thing on tracks 13 and 14. I swapped the cards and cables around too.

I have completely unplugged everything from the mixer, outboard gear etc.. and it still pops. I even went as far as turning everything off in the house, lights,Tv's CPU's and still the same thing.

What I am wondering is; Has anyone (O2R users) ever encountered this before? Fix? I need help fast as I had to cancel a session last night and tonight because of it. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


Screws Fri, 08/27/2004 - 11:21
Every time I've encountered this problem with my 02R it was the result of digital clock problems. When I bought a Lucid GenX the problems disappeared.

The 02R is very susceptible to clock dropouts in any setup where there are multiple digital devices hooked up to it. When recording a track to my DA88 I had to have the DA88 as the clock slave and the 02R as the master. But on playback the 02R would respond with strange freezes and click/pops until I made the DA88 the master clock. This got worse as I hooked up a DAT machine to the SPDIF and so on.

Screws Fri, 08/27/2004 - 22:07
MTC (Midi Time code) is basically the same as SMPTE time code carried through a midi cable. It's used for all devices that need to know where they are in the sequence so they can synchronize themselves.

The 02R only uses SMPTE or MTC in its Auomix mode, but I don't think that's what you're experiencing.

Pops and clicks are usually wordclock problems, and the 02R has a rough time with some devices. I remember having alot of problems even when I set the 02R as the master and the DA88 to wordclock, sending it via a BNC cable. Even though the DA88 was supposed to receive clock via the TDIF cable, it was funky. And even after that the problems continued from time to time until I got a master clock - the Lucid.

All digital devices have to have the same sampling frequency (44.1 or 48k), bit depth (16, 20 or 24, though 16 and 20 bit devices will simply shorten or truncate a 24 bit signal sent to it) and all must run from one wordclock. If the 02R is the master clock and you're sending it to more than 3 devices by daisy chaining your wordclock cables, it may explain your problem.

Save yourself alot of trouble and grab a Lucid GenX. It will be the master clock for up to 6 of your digital audio thingys, including the 02R, ADATs, hard disk recorders, digital effects, A to d and D to A converters, etc.

flatrat Wed, 09/01/2004 - 15:17
What type of cords do you use with your Lucid? I have the feeling that I will have to update some gear to make everything work properly, like my burner (Phillips P.O.S) and DAT (Fostex d15)?

I took a few things out of the chain, like a Berriger 9024 and the DAT. Now it's pretty basic Fostex D160-O2R-Phillips burner.

Still popping. I added a new ADAT card a couple weeks ago and I will be pulling that out tonight just to make sure. The Lucid Genx is the next piece to get, I just hope it's compatible with my dinosaur gear.
Thanks so much for insight.

anonymous Sat, 09/04/2004 - 16:27
With our O2R setup (+ Yamaha D24), we experience quite a lot of 'clicks'...

It always has to do with digital clock problem, two screens to look at:

Automation (even if it's disabled): frame rate.

And on the Digital I/O page, make sure you've got the right selection. In our setup, the D24 is the master and on that screen Slot 1 should be selected. If internal 44.1 is selected - we get 'clicks'.

Hope this might become useful...




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