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Octopre or something else?

I am trying to make a decision on a preamp and I am thinking of buying an Focusrite Octopre. I am currently using a Behringer ub1622 board for my pres. How much and what kind of differnce will I notice by moving up to that octopre? Or if there is something better in that price range?
Thanks Jake :)


Midlandmorgan Fri, 04/29/2005 - 04:48
I've had an Octopre since shortly after they came out...and its been a rock solid decent or better sounding pre for most applications...sometimes it takes a lot of tweaking/mic selections, but I almost always get what I'm looking for...

This is one piece of gear I really don't regret buying...and even though we've picked up some high end stuff lately, the Octopre still seems to find itself on 3-8 tracks of any given project...

Member Thu, 04/28/2005 - 20:58
I haven't used the Octopre, but I have used the Digimax LT and I've been very please with it.

For the price, you are getting some great preamps and great A/D conversion. I record drums with the onboard pres a lot, and they really hold their own against my high-end stuff.

You will find that there is a HUGE difference in the sound quality of the digimax compared to that of the Behringer...I guarantee it!