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Offering studio partnership in the south of Germany...

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen

I have come of age and due to some health problems ( the ol' bones. ) I don't want to run my studio all by myself, anymore. Therefore, I offer a partnership with free use of the studios facillites and rooms in turn for a 20 percent share from the partners turnover and a fixed 500 Euros/month contribution for rent and utilities. All potential additional cost / maintenance work will be shared. The partner runs his own separat business, registered and insured... Minimum length of the agreement: 6 months. After that, notice period is 2 months to the end of the quarter.

The studio is in Munich, Germany. Licensed 5.1 facillity with Genelecs, professional acoustic... in all approx 300.000 Euro worth.
I have talked to Big K ( Rainer ) and he thought, you would not mind if I put my offer in your forum, as well.

All honestly interested mail to:

Thank you all...

Gregor Haus


Big K Sat, 01/29/2011 - 03:39
Hallo Greg...

I told you there won't be many interested in your offer since it is located in Munich.
I hope, you have more success at the other forums. Anybody wanting to get into this business should give an eye and a teeth for this occasion.

Gregor's studio is an excellent setup for many applications. Greg, himself, has learned the trade of electronic maintenance, audio engineering and studied music, as well.
The superbly maintained studio is very well planed and build since he is a very accurate technician and a great chap.
If I did'nt think of doing less work in future, myself, this studio would be mine, already... ;-)