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Oh god... not another thread about monitors...

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Greetings all... I'm new to the forum, and hopefully will become a useful regular. Studied audio in college and although my day job lands me more in multimedia development, my love is still in the music, which is my side job. But enough about me!

I've been monitoring all my projects up to now through Sony MDR headphones a pair of 1970s(?) KLH consumer speakers. While the mixes do sound decent when I take them to a studio and listen on good monitors, I'd like to eliminate my consumer gear from the equation and plug some powered monitors right into my Mackie VLZ. Better quality, less space.

So here's the meat of the question... I know that the best way to choose monitors is to take some familiar material to a store and start testing them out, but I'd like to eliminate any choices that are generally perceived as bad. The number of models available to hear at my local music shops may be limited, so I want to be sure I get a chance to hear the really important options.

I'm able to budget up to $1000 for the pair. Here are the ones I've taken an interest in... although it's been very difficult to find reviews of some of them, and others I've heard completely opposing opinions on (especially the Mackies and the M-Audio). So, at the risk of starting a flamewar, could you smart folks perhaps tell me if I'm missing any that I should really check out, or if I'm considering any that I should probably avoid:

M-Audio BX8
Tannoy Reveal
Event TR8 or 20/20
Mackie 624
Boston Acoustics CR85

Thanks so much!