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Ok guys - tell me what you think of this...


In case you don't already know. I'm a thirteen year old kid who records his own music. I setup a pretty nice home studio, and created this song a couple of months ago.

It just dawned on me while reading these forums that I should post the song up here and take some positive criticism on what to improve on/change/etc...

So tell me what you think - song's called Maybe We're Done. It's a pretty simple rock song - hope you'll like it.

Vocals, guitar, and bass are me, drums are made w/ Acoustica Beatcraft.


P.S. I'd ask you to please not judge me by my age. Sure, I'm a kid, but I know a lot more about the recording world than your average teenage musical enthusiast. Thanks for your help guys.

Gear used in this recording:
-Shecter C1 E/A (guitar)
-Fender P-Bass (Yeah...I know it sucks)
-Laney solid-state cab double mic'd with a closeup SM57 and ambient mic'd Beta 58A
-Beta 87C Condenser run through a Behringer Tube preamp (vocals)
-Everything run through a Behringer 12 track mixer and EMU 0404

Mixed in Adobe Audition 2.0

Here's the link:
Monteverdi - Ah dolente partita


amishsixstringer Mon, 05/22/2006 - 14:54
Hey dude, Cool Song!

It's cool to see the younger kids on here with me! Even though I feel old compared to you.

Anyhow, My advice.

I would try to first off get another guitar and track another take of the same guitar part maybe with some different chord voicings. This song could even use an acoustic guitar that's really bright or something. The snare drum seems to get lost in the dense parts. I would try som eq on it that doesn't conflict with your guitars. The vox don't sound too bad. You sound pretty close to the mic though. Next time try to get back a couple inches to add some liveliness to it.

It really doesn't sound too bad, I'm just throwing out there what I hear. It's a good start, and better than what I ever did when I was 13.



Member Mon, 05/22/2006 - 15:25

Thanks a lot for your reply. If I were to overdub another guitar part, would I pan each guitar hard left and right?

I have a Taylor 210 acoustic that's really bright that I could add into the mix too. I think that might help a little.

Now that I look back, I was really close to the mic (maybe like 3 inches away). How far do you suggest I stand away from it?

Thanks a lot for your help,