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Oktava MK012 -vs- RØDE NT5

Does anyone have comparison advise for these two condenser mics? I am looking for a pair, mainly to mic upright piano. As I live in Australia it is cheaper for me to buy NT5s though the reviews I have read seem to favour the MK012s.


zemlin Fri, 09/29/2006 - 06:39
The trouble with comparisons to the 012s is that there is significant variation between individual mics, and with the chinese versions out on the market now ... :-?

I have a pair of 012s that are pretty close and a third that is quite a bit different. I haven't done enough comparison work to quantify the differences.

I also have a pair of NT5s and do not consider them inferior mics to the 012s - just different. The Rodes are certainly brighter than the Oktavas, but I don't consider them overly bright.

I can share some samples of NT5 recordings, but they are mixed files, not the raw recordings. While I have used the NT5s on a piano before, it was a grand and I put very little of those mics into the mix - there was enough piano in the main pair for that recording.
NT5s XY on Hammered Dulcimer
012s ORTF on orchestra
NT5s XY on Choir

[edit] I started to question the NT5s on Orchestra on the second sample (I corrected it) - see this thread {old-link-removed} . The NT5s were the main pair for the choir and 012s were on the orchestra. Here's another sample from the same performance that features the choir.

Sidhu Mon, 10/02/2006 - 01:47
I imported the 012's from the soundroom. These mics (sound-room) go through stringent QC's and are also more expensive. The stereo pairs are matched.

While i have not heard the NT4, I find the 012's very usefull for drum OH application. For acoustic guitars i often find them too bright, am planning to get a pair of the Kel mics for a while now. I usually run these mics through the TFpro mic pres on the Emu audiodock.